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Hello, we are Working Classics and Associates LLC. , Creators of the company let me tell you a little of what we do. So, What Does Working Classics & Associates LLC. do? We have created a hire by contract job posting site where everyone is welcome to join and post their expertise and sell it the public, where companies and job posters can work together for their community and around the world. A hire by contract marketplace where construction pros, web designers, mobile mechanics, painters, cleaners, plumbers, gardeners etc. can contact job posters through their profile directly. We help you connect your services to your community. How to work with us: On the home tab above you can post any home renovation jobs you may need done. If you are an Associate or a company, you can respond to these job post for free and complete these jobs with a secure way to get paid. You can find new professionals or market your current services with us for free. If you want enhanced marketing on the most popular social media platforms in a targeted area no problem! All you have to do is set an appointment and WCA will make your marketing better and more affordable. Interesting Facts: When you sign up as an associate you get jobs for you or your company. If you need jobs done associates can easily find where the job is located or what type of job needs to be done! Our Goal: Our goal has always been to help people work. Whether you are in a country you are not from or just visiting. The world can be tough, but we want you to keep working in order to survive and make life a little more manageable. We offer you ways to provide your skills to the public no matter where you are. This is a safe place for all to work as a community!

Why works with WCA?
  • Safe & Secure

    WCA is Safe & Secure

  • Secured Transaction

    Your Transactions Are Secure

  • Top Expert Sellers

    Get Your Work Done by Qualified Associates

How WCA works?
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  • Enter Your Needs

    First step, search your expected service.

  • Select Your Favorite Seller

    Second step, a lot of qualified sellers waiting to work with you. Simply select your favorite seller to get started.

  • Get Your Stuffs Done

    Final step, place your ORDER and get your work done professionally within the stipulated deadline.

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